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About Norwich Tales

This website is for those who love Norwich Terriers, even if you don't have one. I am not a breeder, handler or an expert in the field of dogs. I am a dog lover who has been fortunate enough to share my life with Norwich Terriers since 1998. Bringing a dog into your life is a commitment and is not something to be taken lightly. It is my goal to help you determine if a Norwich Terrier or any dog is right for you right now.


About Me...

I am Barbara Huffman. I founded the Norwich Tales website in 2001, and am the author of the book Norwich Tales - Exploring Life With Norwich Terriers. I am the Communications Director for a (pet friendly!) company based in Charlotte, NC. I enjoy writing, photography, and long hikes in the woods with my husband Michael and our Norwich Terriers.

Our Past, Present and Future

Norwich Tales is a tribute of the Norwich Terrier breed starting with my first two – Nigel and Divot, both of whom have now passed. Norman joined our family in 2012 and Sooner followed in 2017. Each of these special dogs have allowed me to enter their wonderful, whimsical world and to learn about life from their unique perspective. 


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"Welcome to the wonderful, whimsical world of the Norwich Terrier!"

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