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Trash Talkin'

August 2014

"When did this start?" I asked Mike on a steamy Saturday morning.  He replied, "I don't know he just did it one day and he's been building on it ever since."

I was pulling the trash bag out of the kitchen receptacle when suddenly Normie came running into the kitchen and started barking and popping as Norwich Terriers are inclined to do when they get really excited about something.  As I continued to bundle the trash he cheered me on with more barking and popping.  Finally he ran to the door, excited and ready to go out.  As I followed him out, still not sure what all the excitement was about, he ran down the sidewalk to the back yard to the area where we keep the trash bin.  Once there he abandoned all thoughts of trash and began his search for lizards.  He checked along the back of the house and around the Day Lillies where they like to hide.  Once he had thoroughly checked all the usual spots, and not finding any lizards to chase, he happily ran up the sidewalk and back into the house.

Normie realized that us taking out the trash was yet another opportunity for him to chase lizards in the back yard, thus his enthusiasm for the task.  No matter the season – winter, spring, summer or fall, when it comes to talking trash, Normie is up to the task!

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