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Norwich Tales the book

After many years of writing short tales about my Norwich Terriers, at the urging of a friend, I decided to put the short tales and more into a book. 


In the book I detail my missteps as a first time novice dog owner, truthfully confessing all that I did wrong and how I spent years correcting the unwanted behaviors I inadvertently helped to create.  With terrier-like tenacity I learned how to meet the needs of my dogs, which allowed us to enjoy adventure after adventure with our first Norwich Terriers, Nigel and Divot.  The book includes favorite tales from the Norwich Tales website, plus never before published stories and information.


Norwich Tales is available in paperback, iPad, and Kindle versions and is rated 5 stars on Watch for Norwich Tales II coming soon!

What people are saying:

Heartwarming story of dog ownership from beginning to end 

"Written with great honesty, humility and love, her Nigel and Divot will creep into your heart... the author's honesty with her dog training innocence resulting in mistakes and corrections, provide a very sincere and thoughtful reflection..."

Excellent book for all dog owners
"If you enjoy a heartfelt, emotional read, this book is for you. If you love dogs, this book is for you."

A great book!

"Barbara Huffman is no novice in writing about Norwich Terriers. When we learned Ms. Huffman had a book out, we were very excited... She writes about her own experiences raising her pup, the robust young years, growing old and the pain of loss."


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