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You Again?

October 2017

Recently I began to think that Norman was lonely for another dog. While he has had our undivided attention for his entire life, and he has his position as "Director of Wellness" at my office, when meeting other dogs he seems so happy and eager to play, I thought he might be missing something – a pack mate.

We spent a lot of time discussing the addition of another Norwich to our family and after careful consideration, we decided it was the right thing to do.  At nearly 6-years old though, we didn't think that Norman would appreciate having an energetic, bouncy puppy around so we decided to seek out a young adult.

Since we were so happy with Norman's temperament, we called upon Geri Gentile (Sarum Norwich Terriers), who was Norman's breeder. She said she had an adult girl named, "Sooner," who really wanted to be queen of the house, but with other females in the 

home, it was causing frustration amongst them.  We were excited because we had actually met Sooner 6 years prior when we picked up Norman as a four month old puppy.  At that time Sooner was an outgoing, friendly little 14-month old, who was starting her show career. Now a finished champion with a daughter who was starting her own show career, Sooner was ready to retire and enjoy a new adventure. Who knew that 6 years later, Norman and Sooner would be housemates again?  Would they remember each other?

We knew that Norman had a "type" of dog friend he was attracted to: female, outgoing, and just a tad on the pushy side, and Sooner didn't disappoint!  Immediately Sooner decided that she liked us and after a time of being reacquainted and a delicious breakfast with Geri, we headed off with our new little friend.  It was a rainy afternoon but at the first opportunity, we got them out for a walk together.  I am a big believer that dogs who walk together will form a bond.  We walked them side-by-side several times on the way from Michigan to North Carolina, and  they walked beautifully together – as if they had been doing so for years.  It would be the first of many "pack walks" we would take. 

Although nearly a year older than Norman, we describe Sooner as a "high energy adult puppy."  While Norman has become a well-mannered, polite and almost reserved, middle-age Norwich gentleman, Sooner can be described as a party girl!  She is high energy and always "up" and ready for fun. 

They say "opposites attract" and so far it's been a good match for this quirky little couple!

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