Norwich Tales

Trash Talk • August 2014

A Quirk Is Born

"When did this start?" I asked Mike on a steamy North Carolina morning.

He replied, "I don't know, he just did it one day and he's been buidling on it ever since."

I was pulling the trash bag out of the kitchen receptacle and suddenly Normie started barking and popping up and down and spinning circles as some Norwich are inclined to do when they get really excited about something.  As I continued to bundle the trash, he cheered me on with more barking, popping and spinning.  Finally, he ran to the door as if to say, "Come on – let's go!" As I followed him out of the garage, he continued to look back over his shoulder to make sure I was still behind him as he ran down the sidewalk to the large trash bin that resides at the back of the house.  Once there, he abandoned his trash talk and began scouting for lizards.  

Once the trash was disposed of, and there were no more lizards to be chased, he ran up the sidewalk and back into the house.  

Normie had realized that taking out the trash was just one more opportunity for him to chase lizards in the back yard, and thus his enthusiasm for this usually mundane task.  To this day, no matter the season – winter, spring, summer or fall, when it comes to talking trash, Normie is ready!

Norman – Talkin' Trash