Norwich Tales Suggested Reading

These are some of our favorite books about dogs.  Articles contain interviews featuring us!

Books We Like

Tales of Life With Norwich Terriers


Notable Books & Articles

A Dog’s Life by Peter Mayle

Story is told from the perspective of a dog who lives in France, who has strong opinions about everything, especially himself. No matter the situation, he manages to maintain a positive outlook and an amazingly high opionion of himself. This book is laugh-out-loud funny.  Edward Koren’s drawings enhance the story, adding even more charm to the main character, “Boy.”

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

This story is also told from a dog’s perspective. It traces the many lives of a dog as he completes his journey and finds his purpose. Each life he touches changes and teaches him as he journeys on.  The story is both funny and sad and will make you look at your dog just a little differently.

Norwich Tales - Exploring Life With Norwich Terriers by Barbara Huffman

My journey of learning about the Norwich Terrier breed.  It is an honest account of my failures and ultimately successes as a novice pet owner. The book centers around my first two Norwich Terriers, Nigel and Divot and chronicles their lives to the final good-bye.


Dog & Kennel Magazine – Interview with Barbara Huffman August 2005

Excerpt from interview:

“I love the entire shape of the dog,” agrees Barbara Huffman, a passionate Norwich owner from the Midwest, “but as for my favorite part of the appearance, I’d say I love the face. Terriers have some of the most expressive faces in dogdom, and in my opinion, the Norwich are the most expressive. The Norwich Terrier has lovely, small but wide rimmed eyes, and those eyes tell you so much about what the dog is thinking or feeling.  When I speak to my dogs, they look right at me and tilt their heads back and forth as if trying to take in each word and understand it. Those eyes make you feel so connected to your dog.”

The Terrier Club of Australia 2007

Excerpt from article featurning

“I first became interested in the Norwich Terriers when I saw Ch. Chidley Willum the Conquerer win BIS at Westminster in 1994. My husband and I had been looking for a small companion dog and the Norwich Terrier seemed to have so many of the attributes we were looking for: small, but sturdy and spunky. From that moment I made it my quest to learn all that I could about this charming breed. Bringing a companion animal into your life is a long-term commitment and something not to be taken lightly!”

The Norwich Terrier Club of America - NTCA

The Norwich Terrier Club of America is our breed's parent club here in the U.S.  The club's website has a wealth of information about the Norwich Terrier breed, including articles about health. Bookmark the site and visit often!

The Whole Dog Journal

WDJ is a must read for all dog owners. WDJ accepts no advertising so information remains unbiased from food suggestions, to toys, and training too.

Other Recommended Reading

The Other End Of The Leash by Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D

Dr. McConnell's thought-provoking book reminds us why we do what we do when we interract with our dogs. The book also explains why sometimes we and our dogs have very different interpretations of what the other is doing. Dr. McConnel's style is warm, friendly, and humerous. This is an important read for every dog lover.