Norwich Tales

Norman The Wonder Puppy • December 2012

Raising The Perfect Puppy

I am, it seems, raising the perfect puppy.  I don’t mean that I possess some amazing talent or insight as a pet owner – I mean Norman is just about as perfect as you can get.

We’ve all heard the jokes about the woes of puppyhood, in fact I’ve spoken of them myself, so imagine my surprise when I realized – I am living with the perfect puppy.

Norman has an innocent curiosity and wonder of the world as all puppies do, but he has the soul of a very mature and sensitive dog. He has a soft temperament, and is more willing to please me than any other dog I’ve known. He is sensitive and tuned in to what I am feeling and it is amazing to feel this close to a dog again. Norman seems to understand me in a way I never thought possible. He accepts what comes his way with complete trust. We call him Norman The Wonder Puppy.

Just days after coming to live with us, I took Normie to work with me and he became the office therapy dog. He loves people and they love him. Even people who consider themselves “big dog” people and those who don’t even like dogs have been won over by his sweet, gentle nature, and his ever-wagging tail. People are amazed that a 4 month old puppy can be so calm. Normie seems to understand his role in the company – to make people smile, and it is a job he takes seriously. He doesn’t like to miss work.

Normie was completely housebroken by six months of age, having only had 3 mistakes in two months. I must take some credit for that having learned from my mistakes, but then again, Normie is very smart and very willing to please. He has never chewed or destroyed anything in our home – it seemed that very quickly he felt this this was his home too and as he matures, I can see that he is taking on the role of guard dog.  Any suspicious activity will be monitored, growled at, or barked at if necessary. When we arrive on the scene, he surrenders his post as if to say, “I sounded the warning, you can take it from here.”

Weekends belong to Norman. Every weekend involves some activity for him, which usually starts with a trip to a local park where he can get his exercise and of course, see people and their dogs. I have determined that he also believes that weekends are “our time” as he doesn’t let me out of his sight. He is indeed a “Velcro dog.”  

It is amazing how much a sweet, loving puppy will impact your life. They experience life with gusto and with unequal joy.  They adapt and give their hearts easily and completely.

There are no sorrows that a sensitive puppy can’t help heal. It’s one of those truly wonderful things about dogs.  

Norman The Wonder Puppy 6 months old