Norwich Tales

Popcorn! • August, 2009

Please Just One More Piece!

Yesterday evening, I had an appointment and I returned home too late to make a proper dinner for myself. Feeling somewhat lazy, and uninspired to actually cook something, I decided that a bowl of popcorn would be perfect for dinner. When it comes to popcorn, Nigel and Divot go crazy. It is the only food that makes them drool. After popping, I take some out, and set it aside for Nigel and Divot, carefully removing the hulls. I finished my “dinner” and put the bowl with the leftover popcorn on the kitchen island and we all settled in for the evening. Later, as we prepared for bed, Mike took Nigel and Divot out for their final potty break and I prepared the coffee maker for the morning. As I did my preparations I picked out a few kernels of the leftover popcorn to munch on. Just as I popped a piece into my mouth, Nigel and Divot came bounding in the door, and saw me snacking. Of course they each wanted a piece, so they had one and off to bed we went. Usually when I put Divot on our bed, she immediately starts the nesting process on the blankets or my pillow – whichever place she had decided to hunker down – but this particular evening rather than her usual routine,

she sat on the edge of the bed looking expectantly at me. As I dried my face, I noticed that she was still sitting on the edge of the bed. I said, “Divie, do you need to go potty again?” She showed no reaction. Again I said, “Divie, do you need to go potty?” Again, no reaction. Next I tried, “Divie, do you need a drink?” Still, nothing. So, placing her on the floor I said, “Okay, show me.” As she happily trotted down the hallway, she looked back several times to make sure I was still following her. She took me right to the kitchen island and stood at the spot where the popcorn bowl was, her little tail wagging excitedly, with a look on her face that said, “That’s what I want! I want more popcorn!” I said, “You want some popcorn?” She did one of her pop and spin moves, clearly indicating that I had guessed correctly.

I could not believe that she had pieced all of this together. It was genius! I picked her up, gave her a piece of popcorn and said, “Happy now?” She replied with her usual lick on my cheek and off to bed we went where she settled down immediately and went to sleep.  

Delightful Divot