Norwich Terrier Photos!

Albums 3 and 4 capture Nigel and Divot getting to know and trust each other, and

the formation  of their deep bond.  This bond would last them until their dying days.

Norwich Tales Photos

Photos of Our Norwich Terriers

Album #3 • Nigel and Divot – Getting To Know You – Ages 3 to 5 • 2001 - 2002

After having been an "only dog" for 3 years we weren't sure how Nigel would take to having another dog in the house. Turns out that we found the perfect packmate for him.  He and Divot were together constantly. You may notice that in the 5th photo of this series, Nigel, ever the ham, is looking directly into the camera while Divot looks for a varmint!  They also continue their love of the sun.  Also to note, I had not yet learned to strip those coats!

Album #4 • Nigel and Divot – Happy Together – Ages 5 to 7 • 2003 - 2005

Nigel and Divot instantly became friends and packmates. They were never apart and seemed to prefer their little pack of two.  They enjoyed sunning themselves together at every opportunity, and they adored their front porch and spent many afternoons watching over their world from that perch. I have always enjoyed the summer flowers so we took many an opportunity to photograph Nigel and Divot amongst the summer blooms.  Photos 11 and 12 in this series feature them braving a few steps into Lake Michigan, while photos 13 and 14 show them practicing off leash in a fenced in field. They had no idea how many adventures would follow these important moments. The last photo in this series was taken of them on their beloved front porch the day we moved from Michigan to Arizona.