Norwich Tales

We're going to the movies with Nigel, Divot, and Norman too!  Looking at photos of Norwich Terriers is a great way to check out the breed, but if a photo is good, then imagine how much fun a video can be. I call my Norwich Tales "film production company" WichOne Productions.  The only stars here are Nigel, Divot and Norman!  Oldest videos are at the bottom of the page.

A Few Of Our Most Memorable Videos From Yesterday and Today

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Last Of The Norhicans – December 2013

Starring:  Norman • Plot:  Like Nigel and Divot before him, Normie loves to hike in the woods. He seems very much at home there, enjoying the scents and secrets that the woods hold. We wondered if he fantasizes about runnng free with a wild pack, where he of course is the leader. Footage was shot in Charlotte, Highlands, and Cashiers, NC

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Normie At Folly Beach, SC – November 2013

Starring:  Norman • Plot:  After a trip to Charleston we made a stop at Folly Beach. This was Normie's first trip to back to the beach since he was a 7 month old pup. Now a year older and wiser we wondered if our little earth dog would take to the water, and with typical terrier 'tude, he trudged right in!

Normie's Shorts – Short Clips Of Normie's First Year – 2013

Starring:  Norman • Plot:  The first year of a puppy's life is full of new discoveries and changes. Norman was always an easy going little pup, ready to have fun and make new friends. He was epitome of joy and wonder with just the right amout of terrier spunk! Watch the highlights of his first year!

Normie's Perfect Day at the Beach – October 2012

Starring:  Norman • Plot:  Introducing your puppy to new places, sounds, textures and scents is as important as introducing him to all sizes, shapes, sounds, and colors of people. All new positive experiences go a long way to creating a well-rounded, confident, trusting adult dog. Normie's first trip to the beach was a very good experience for him, as he felt sand beneath his feet for the first time and hear the roar of the Atlantic Ocean. Confident Norman "chased the waves" right back to the ocean!

Introducing Norman the Wonder Puppy – September 2012

Starring:  Norman • Plot:  This was Norman's video debut with footage and photos taken on an outing in Highlands, North Carolina and frolicking in his own backyard. Norman has been an amazingly easy puppy to raise – very agreeable and very happy. He is a wonder. He's Norman The Wonder Puppy!

Tribute To Nigel – June 2012

Starring:  Nigel • Plot:  This is a compilation of photos from the life of Nigel. Photos span his puppyhood in Michigan, and life in Sedona and Phoenix Arizona. It includes trips to California, Colorado and Utah, and his final home in North Carolina. Nigel was once a brilliant dog who had incredible problem solving capabilities, but in his latter years suffered from severe dementia. After the loss of his best friend Divot, he seemed to have lost his way and his will. He was stubborn and lived life on his own terms. He died June 15, 2012 at the age of 14-1/2. What a boy he was. He was a great teacher.

Nigel Goes On Walk About – May 2011

Starring:  Nigel • Plot:  Nigel has adjusted to life as a single dog again, finding some semblance of contentment. After years of daily walks, 13 year old Nigel has decided that his preferred choice of outing is his own yard. We call it "going on walkabout" and we do it several times a day. Walkabouts are slow ambles punctuated with little bursts of energy and lots of sniffing. After a morning of storms we enjoyed a particularly beautiful spring day – perfect for an elderly gentleman Norwich to go on walkabout.

Tribute To Divot – January 2011

Starring:  Divot • Plot:  A tribute to our sweet Divot. In July of 2010, at the age of 12, Divot began to have seizures. The cause was never known and medications could not stop them. Divot taught me what it was to be a calm, effective yet loving leader. We said good-bye to Divot on the morning of January 2nd, 2011. She fell asleep peacefully on my lap, and breathed her last breath, finally free of a body that had begun to betray her in a horrible way. This tribute is to my sweet little friend who was more than I could have ever hoped for.

Rediscovering Snow – December 2010

Starring:  Nigel with Divot in a supporting role • Plot:  On December 26, 2010 we received a considerable amount of snow for Charlotte, NC – 4 inches. After having lived in the desert for 6 year, apparently Nigel missed the snow of his formative years! Awakening to a frosty new world, he couldn't get enough! Please forgive the film quality – the first part of the video was shot at 5:00 my husband Michael who is the kind of guy who is willing to run around on a cold, dark morning following a happy little old dog who is having some fun in the snow.

A Golden Day In The Golden Years – November 2010

Starring:  Nigel and Divot • Plot:  Since you last saw Nigel and Divot hiking in Utah in September of 2009, a lot has happened. We are now living in North Carolina and Nigel and Divot are both 13 years old and have slowed down a little. Hiking has been replaced with ambles around the yard in a much more gentle climate. Nigel is recovering from a torn ACL and Divot's seizure medication leaves her a little tired. Each day is a treasure with our little friends. This is a golden day in their golden years.

Nigel and Divot Take A Hike In Utah I – September 2009

Starring:  Nigel and Divot • Plot:  After a hot, lazy summer in Arizona we headed to Park City, Utah for some cool temperatures and beautiful scenery. After much practice and determination, Nigel and Divot have excellent trail manners, staying right beside me or behind me. It was a delight to see them at 11+ years old being frisky and enjoying some light hiking. What a wonderful world indeed!

Nigel and Divot Take A Hike In Utah II – September 2009

Starring:  Nigel and Divot • Plot:  While in Utah, we just had to hike this particular trail twice becase of it's exquisite beauty and ease of enjoyment for Nigel and Divot. It was a spectacular hike with woods, mountain views, a surpise mountain lake, and ending in a beautiful meadow. Enjoying the beauty of nature is even more meaningful when sharing with your dogs. Imagine how it must stir their souls!