Norwich Tales

Celeb-u-Pup • May 2013

Normie meets some fans

Having  a Norwich Terrier with you when you’re out and about – especially one with an outgoing personality and like Norman – is probably a lot like dating a celebrity. People are drawn to him, gushing things like, “What a cute puppy!” Or a simple, “Awww… I want one!” To the ever-amusing mother accompanied by her child who gushes, “Oh, aren’t you the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen!”  I always wonder what the child thinks of that remark…

A couple of weeks ago we had some errands to run on a Saturday morning and we decided to take Norman with us.  Errands included a brief stop at a mall to return a few items I had purchased and had ultimately decided against.  Mike suggested that I go in and return the items and he and Norman would hang out and walk around outside and wait for me.  My return went quickly and when I came out, they were not where I had left them so I called Mike’s cell phone.  

They were by an entrance  near the restaurant that we had planned to get lunch.  “Perfect,” I thought.  “I’ll walk over and meet them and we’ll pick up our lunch.”  

When I arrived at the entrance where they were supposed to be,  I couldn’t see them as there was a large gathering of people.  Was someone hurt? Perhaps someone was handing out samples of something. Maybe it was someone famous. As I approached, there was Mike.  The center of all the attention? Norman.  Norman doing what Norman does best – charming people and refusing to be ignored.  He had so many new friends, he didn’t know which way to turn!  All of this was perfectly fine with him – he will make the time for anyone who wants to pet him.  One family was utilizing a pretty bench as a prop in some photos they were having taken. The photographer even took a few of Norman, who stood at his feet looking up at him as if to say, “Sure, you can snap a few photos of me if you’d like.” The little ham…

Norwich Terriers have a way of burrowing into your heart and apparently everyone else’s. If you are someone who is isn’t interested in interacting with people or someone who doesn’t like to call attention to yourself, this is definitely not the breed for you! With a  Norwich Terrier, you will never be alone – anywhere!

Who could ignore him?