Norwich Tales

The Canary In The Cul-de-sac • April 2002

Let's wait and see if anything happens to him...

Divot is ever confident when meeting other dogs, but she can sometimes hold back a little with new people, especially people who greet her by reaching down to pet her on the head, as most people do. She will always duck out of the way and want to sniff them first, which in the dog world is a proper greeting.

One day while out on a walk, Mike noticed that Divot would approach new people only after Nigel had done so. As we walked on, he said, “It’s like she uses him to test people first – you know, to see if they’re safe.” He laughed as he thought more about her technique and said, “Divot uses Nigel as her canary. He’s the canary in the cul-de-sac!” This began a long running private joke whenever we were out with the Nigel and Divot.  

We know exactly who's in charge