Sho-Me Ketka's Nigel The Terror | 3/31/98 - 7/15/12

Nickname "Nigel Bean." Exhuberant, intelligent, independent, and a dog who "did it his way." Nigel taught me to think outside of the box when it comes to dogs. After losing Divot, he seemed to lose his own will to live – that was the depth of his devotion to her.

Ketka's Keleven Divot | 7/22/98 – 1/2/11

Nickname "Divie Dog." Sweet Divot was everything a Norwich should be. She was feisty, brave, and loyal, and she won the hearts of everyone who met her.  Her passing left a terrible void in our lives, devastated us, especially Nigel, and was the catalyst for my book.


Sarum Stormin' Norman Chapter Two | 3/6/12

Nickname "Stormin' Norman."  Cute, quirky, brave and completely devoted to his humans. Norman is the epitomy of a "Velcro Dog." Handsome Norman is very outgoing – a mighty dog in a small package, yet he is incredibly sensitive to the needs of humans. He serves as the official therapy dog at my office and is loved by all who meet him.  He is... simply wonderful!

Norwich Tales - Exploring Life With Norwich Terriers

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Ch. Ma-Ya Sarum Sooner Or Later | 5/1/11

Nickname "Sooner Bug."  Sooner is a high engery adult puppy! She is feisty, determined, affectionate, and extremely loyal. She is always up for anything and loves toys. She will retrieve as long as we are willing to throw the toy. She too is ultra sensitive to her humans.  She is becoming more accustomed to her job as Norman's assistant therapy dog at my office.